Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Snow, Snow & More Snow

Thankfully, Sam loves snow.
Gratefully, Aunt Dawn brought all the gear!She sure made a cute and happy purple monster!
Sam may have gotten a little too much snow. On the eve of New Years Eve, we were heading to the church for basketball and races. Sam was so excited that she threw up all over the entry/foyer as we were leaving. She seemed ok and insisted on we continued on. Halfway there, she started yakking, again. Awesome. We pulled over and asked her if she if she felt ok and if she wanted to go home. She said, "I'm ok Mom, don't turn around, just wipe me off, I wanna play." The best part of that statement is that we listened to it! What a bunch of fools! We got to Grandpa Holidays and she spit up this point there was nothing left to throw up. She finally conceded and said, "maybe I want to go home now...but just for a little bit and then come back and play." Me, a bit wiser...took her home, gave her a bath and she went to bed!

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