Saturday, June 20, 2009

South Padre Island

South Padre Island, TX
Just a quick 6 hour drive and the water clears up and the sand lightens. We had a great time with family. Luckily, we were not here during the Spring Break!Sand Castles
We set up a canopy right on the beach and spent 3 full days playing. Well, Sam played. The rest of us just sat and read.
Everyone but Blake took turns building sand castles, feeding seagulls and splashing in the water. Whatever we built, Sam would destroy. Crash! Deep Sea Fishing
We learned from going to Costa Rica, that going fishing the first day is best...that way, we have something to cook for the rest of the week. Dad, Blake and Ray went fishing for Red Snapper.
Unfortunatley, Ray did not enjoy the all. Fortunately, he survived and cooked up all the fish for us. Too bad there was a 2 fish per person limit.
Feeding the Seagulls
Another favorite activity was feeding the seagulls any food Samantha could get her hands on.
I can't imagine why the condo had signs up saying,
"don't feed the seagulls."
It's just so fun!
Grandma & Pappa bought Sammie a few new toys for the trip: boogie board, kite and a tennis racket.
Sam has quite a swing! She practiced all day, every day.

Bombs Away!
This is our attempt at launching water balloons and Sam, Grandma and Pappa while they played tennis.


Not quite sure what the proper term for this activity is......but it held Pappa and Sammie's attention for a couple of hours.
First, you find a hole in the sand. Then, you put the sand sucker thingy over the hole and suck out the sand.
Hopefully, you find the shrimp that was buried in the sand. Hey, Sammie! You wanna touch it!? "I don't want to!"After collecting about 50, it was time to feed the seagulls once more.
"Melissa, do you like Little People?"
Samantha would wake up every morning asking for a popsicle and Little People (DVD). I think she ate about 5 popsicles a day and watched Little People the entire week...over and over and over. And in the car on the way home....for 6 hours. No wonder Melissa couldn't stand hearing the song.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The last 3 days...

Blake gave us quite a scare this week.

He had a mild fever on Tuesday and Wednesday. We have plans to go to South Padre Island this weekend, so on Thursday morning I took him into Katy Urgent Care just to make sure he was ok before finishing up his work week and going out of town.

We thought he would be in and out and on to work.

We thought wrong.

Blake also had a cough with chest pains. They took a chest x-ray and must have seen something they didn't like. He was sent straight to the ER with a fever of 102.

The ER! We were freaked out of our minds!

Blake went into the ER and they ran a few quick tests and had us wait about an hour. Then they called him back in. Sam and I sat in the waiting room for another 2 hours...not hearing a thing! I called my mom to pick up Sam and I marched back into the ER trying to find Blake. I found him in an isolation room hooked up to a lot of wires. He was alone and looked scared. The doctor came in saying a bunch of inconclusive, scary stuff and explained all the tests he needed to order. Blake's blood culture was positive, his white blood cell count was high and his fever was 103. The doctor said Blake would need to be admitted to the hospital overnight.

Admitted! Overnight!

By then, we were really, really scared. We called family and friends to pray along with us that Blake would be ok, and that this moment wouldn't become our worst nightmare.

Luckily, it wasn't.

Blake had an EKG, an Echocardiogram and numerous blood tests trying to rule out pericarditis and/or other heart related inflammations. After seeing a total of 4 different doctors...their final guess at a diagnosis was upper respiratory infection. He received 3 rounds of heavy-duty antibiotics and stayed 2 nights in the hospital.

Blake is now home and resting and feeling much, much better. He has a $400 prescription of more antibiotics and should be able to rest comfortably on the beach of South Padre Island.

As for the rest of the family...

Sam also has had a mild fever all week, so on Friday I took her in to her pediatrician. She has a mild case of bronchitis. It doesn't seem to be slowing her down, but she is also taking antibiotics.

And me? I have 2 new gray hairs. Go figure.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Unofficial Sister's Week in Park City

Last week Samantha and I flew to Utah to meet up with a few of Blake's sisters and sisters-in-law: Gail, Dawn, Maralee, Ginger and Brittany. We were only missing Jill, Gail, Jillian and Colleen. All the cousins were there! Luckily, this time around Sam was focused on playing. It was non-stop fun and activities. Of course, now that we are home, Sam is exhausted. Seriously, with a fever and everything. We need this week to recover and pack for South Padre Island.

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Art of Wrestling

Samantha's cousins taught her how to wrestle properly.
Conner, Ethan, Issac, Grant and Garrett.As you can imagine, she's pretty good at it.

She's got the carpet burns all over her body to prove it.
Thanks Guys. Hopefully she'll remember when it's ok to wrestle and when it's time to play nice. A mother likes to dream...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Park City Cabin

It's amazing that many people can fit comfortably in one full house there were 6 adults and 16 children. Thanks Ginger (and Kent) for letting us stay! Gail and Andy were staying in Westgate at the Canyons, so we had access to swimming anytime the kids felt the need...which you can imagine was often.

I took Sam and Kenna on a nature hike. We basically walked down the dirt road and cut over to the lake. Those 2 could have thrown rocks in the water all day if I would've let them.We grilled steaks and built a fire...Sammie's first smore!
The kids played a lot of games and I got some time to read. The book I was reading is a children's book that is read in schools (The Giver by Lois Lowry). I had great book club chats with my pre-teen nieces Dawna and Jessica. Without them I would never had know it was the 1st in a series!
It was near impossible getting in and out of the cabin, but well worth the life-threatening drive! They were digging up the roads for new water lines...of the 3 routes, this was the only option. "You want us to go under that!" Add tons of rain and you've got a cabin full of scared women and a boat-load of kids...not a great combo.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Seven Peaks Resort Water Park

For the record: I hate water parks. I'll let this picture do the explaining...and to think this was taken at the end of the day.For Sam and her cousins, I will go. But, I refuse to admit it was fun...even though it kinda was.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Discovery Gateway - Children's Museum

We spent the afternoon at the Children's Museum at the Gateway. When we lived in Utah, Samantha was much too young to enjoy something like this. But now?! Add a dozen cousins, and we had a great afternoon!
Sydney spent a lot of time helping Sammie explore.
Grocery shopping is so much fun!
Sam has a toy called a Busy Ball Popper...this is the giant version

Up, up and away! What a fun crowd...Jessica, Gage, Dawna, Sammie, Brooke, Kenna, Sydney, Ethan, Issac and one complete stranger on the end.Wait a minute! Grant & Garrett are flying...quick, everybody out!