Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Last Day of School

Well...I survived 4 weeks of Joy School! Honestly, it wasn't too bad. If only Samantha wasn't in the class, it would be heaven. She is such a distraction! She pretends to play joy school all the time...On an actual school day...she doesn't understand why I am in charge. She wants to be the teacher! It's very endearing and very annoying.
For the last day, we were supposed to visit a rest home and present our Christmas program. That just wasn't going to happen with 3 year olds and mommies with newborns. Instead, we made Christmas Countdown Chains. The kids really did a good job with this. Some of them ended up with a lot more days to tear off then necessary. We made snacks of Pretzels-Rolos-M&Ms. They loved eating all the broken pieces...I didn't realize a Rolo could break!We sat down to watch a Christmas Movie with our treat bags. They sat great for about 10 minutes...Then decided they would rather play Duck-Duck-Goose..for an hour! They like to remind me who is in charge.

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