Monday, August 31, 2009

1st Day of Joy School

Samantha went to her first day of Joy School today! This first month she will be learning about the Joy of the Body with Ms Kim. We put together her backpack of supplies: crayons, scissors, glue, extra pair of undies (which she unfortunately needed) and show-and-tell. For show-and-tell, she picked out her newest ball. Blake brought it home from the airport and it lights up! She thinks it's pretty great. After breakfast, Sam made herself a sandwich and we packed her new lunch bag with all kinds of goodies that she didn't eat. Grandma bought Sammie a new dress for her first day of school. Sam picked out her bow and shoes to complete her outfit. A few pictures on the staircase (her favorite spot) and the front porch (my favorite spot) and away we went.The whole drive over, Sam kept asking if I was coming to. I said yes, I was going to drop her off and come back and get her after lunch. To this news she was very upset. "Mommie, I need you to stay or I just want to see LuLu's house and come right back home."Lauren (LuLu), Davey, Samantha, Avery Luckily, she changed her mind and wanted to stay, so I snuck out for a few hours to myself. Too bad that now involves working out...urg! Overall, Ms Kim said everything went very quickly and smoothly! Time to close the Joy School windows and say goodbye!I can't wait for my turn to teach so I can watch the kids in action! We came home, finished lunch and made cookies. Sam told me all about her day...well, at least the things she remembered.
Thanks Kim!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Kool-Aid Playdough

Blake is out of town on official Commissioner of the Fantasy Football League business. It is the ever-important draft. That leaves me and Samantha home alone. After her nap, we made Aunt Nittney's cinnamon rolls! Sam always likes to play with the dough, but because it had to rise for an hour, we decided to make homemade playdough. Sam has been rolling and kneading and making 'cookies' for hours!Here's the recipe:

1 1/4 cup flour
1/4 cup salt
1 pkg Koolaid
1 cup boiling water
1 1/2 tbsp vegetable oil

In a bowl, mix flour, salt and koolaid. Stir in boiling water and oil. Knead with hands for about 5 minutes. Store in a ziploc bag for up to 2 months.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Pool Season is Over

Just when I can't bear going to the pool another day, school starts and the pools close...and we are upset. Seriously, the pools should be open year-round with this Texas weather!Sam definitely learned a thing or two this year...all without a swim lesson! Most of her friends took lessons, and Sam just watched them and learned on her own. Being fearless sure helps.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Big Kahuna!

The other day, Samantha called up Grandma to say hello. Grandma said that she had a present for her, and was going to come over that night with Papa to give it to her. That was enough to keep Sammie excited and asking about this present all day. Our conversation went a little something like this...

"Mama, is it a birthday present?"
"Is is a cake?"
"Is it a big kahuna?"

"A big kahuna!"
Seriously, a what?
"Am I getting a big kahuna?"

When Grandma and Papa did come over, this is what she got...VCR and Disney Movies!And yes, she called it a big kahuna. Blake recalled where this random phrase came from...none other than a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Episode.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Copy Cat

Some days while we wait for Dad to get home, Sam will watch a Mickey Mouse episode and I will read my book. Sometimes I fall asleep. Sam has this reenactment down perfect!Blake has his big FFL Draft at the end of the month. He has been hard at work studying and building spreadsheets. Sam decided to give an extra look at his FFL magazines.Any good insights to making Daddy the champion?I usually pay the bills and organize the budget while Sam is napping...she must have seen me doing it once before.Notice the pen behind her ear?
She worked really hard getting it there.I clean the kitchen every night. She's never interested in helping...unless it's with Grandma and Pappa!
This girl LOVES celebrating birthdays! The day after Ray's birthday, she discovered these candles. She would "light" them (with a real, working lighter), sing and blow them out. Over and over and over!

The Crazy Things She Says & Does

Today Sam and I made a flannel board for Samantha's Joy School (that we are starting in just a couple weeks!) We also worked on Sam's bulletin board that hangs in her room. A couple of days ago it fell today we fixed it. Sam wanted to "rearrange" her art. She pulled everything off...threw most of it away and made piles in different rooms. While I was working, I realized I hadn't heard her in awhile. I went off looking for her. I found her in the bathroom, with the door shut...cutting her crafts. "I'm clipping! It's OK mama. It's OK! We can make more crafts at the library."Seriously, word for word, what she said. There were piles of clippings all over the house.This is a picture of her yesterday "during" her nap...which she never took...wonder why? Perhaps a few too many books? We visited Blake at work last Friday for lunch. We ate at the ConocoPhillips Cafeteria. As we are meeting all of Blake's co-workers...this is how Sam decided to greet everyone.With undies on her head. Classy gal!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

This is Samantha sleeping.Ahh...I know. She's a sweetheart. Now, let's take a closer look.

Notice what she is holding...Four toys! Yep. Four.
2 bouncing balls (1 firmly gripped in her hand) 1 car, and a Transformers laser light beam (courtesy of Rice Krispies box). And yes, they ALL need to be touching her somehow. This is all night, every night. If she drops one, she wakes up. And yes, I come in and help her find them.

Notice who else is in bed...Two babies!
Certainly, she can't leave anyone out.

Now, notice where she is...Not her big girl bed.
So, where do you think I have room to lay? Certainly not where the babies are (Blake's side). I am on the far, far, top corner of the bed. On an angle, with an iddy, piddy, bit of pillow.

This is my morning, every morning. Samantha wakes up about 7am when Blake is leaving for work. She comes in our room with pillow, blankie, babies and toys and makes herself at home. She likes to lay cheek to cheek, which is how I eventually get pushed out of bed. Luckily, most days, she sleeps until about 8:30.