Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Playset Set-up

For Christmas, Samantha is getting a new playset. Santa Claus delivered it early so we could set it up...gee thanks Santa. We knew it would take the fun begins! This is what the finished product will eventually look like.
Grandpa and Blake opened up the (4) 160 lb boxes and got to work. They did say they were having fun...sure looks like it!After a few days and only a couple hours into the project, we called in reinforcements. We were all assigned roles. Grandpa is the project manager...complete with work apron.I am the parts manager and set up all the "work packets." Sammie is my assistant. She is great at finding missing pieces.Blake, Uncle Brian, Cousin Laura and Jamie are the buzz-buzz worker bees...busy, busy busy!We got SO much done in just a few hours. Thank you everyone for your help. The entire fort was built with the ladder, rock wall and picnic table. We are still needing to build the swing set, monkey bars and lookout tower. Also, Sam noticed it was missing a slide! She decided to write a last minute letter to Santa. We'll see if Santa pulls through!

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