Friday, May 30, 2008


Over the last, oh let's say 10 months...I have been attempting (almost daily) to accomplish 2 simple grooming tasks on Samantha. Clipping her fingernails and toenails AND pulling her longer hair on top, into a ponytail. The only problem is, they aren't (weren't) simple at all! Trying to get Samantha to hold still has been near impossible...until now!

Crazy Post-Nap Hair
Random Fountain Up-Do

When Sam was still a baby and napping in her car seat (yes, you read that correctly, she would ONLY nap in her car seat, which we would bring into the house). That was the only time I could clip her finger and toe nails....she had to be dead asleep! Recently, Blake and I would bribe Uncle Ray to give her a mani-pedi. She sits perfectly still for Ray!

Mani-Pedi with Ray-Ray

Created her own seat to sit back and enjoy!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


After deciding last minute to leave Blake and Sam behind to fend for themselves, Michelle and I & Mom and Dad were off to enjoy New York City! Our cousin Jennifer got married in Manhattan, so we mooched a hotel room off of Mom and Dad, used up the frequent flyer miles and set off to the city that never sleeps. This was none of our 1st times in NYC, so most of the lame, time-consuming, touristy things stayed off our lists.

Friday was the wedding at the Manhattan LDS Temple and reception down in a penthouse on 14th Street. Apparently, it was the traditional NYC reception...great food and tons of dancing!

Saturday was quite fabulous: we started the day on a bus tour - a must! No matter how many times you've been to NYC, it's the best way to get around when you have no where to go.
We did have one planned stop to China Town: Operation Handbags. We knew the exact "shopping" experience we had in mind, and yes, it involved an abandoned alley, a dark basement and bargaining with someone who only barely spoke English.

Oh Boy! We got it!
3 Dolces and 1 Prada later, we didn't stop grinning until we were crying at Wicked. Our hotel was really nice and right across the street from Wicked and a GREAT Thai Food Restaurant.
We ended the day at Mary Poppins, which was just DELIGHTFUL!

Sunday was our relaxing day with no plans. We decided to go to the Met, since most of us had never been. We met the most random woman there! She took us under her wing and gave us a guided tour of her favorite spots in the museum, complete with stories and history. It was great! We met up with one of Michelle's friends in Central Park and wandered around.
Dare I say this was the best trip to New York! If only Melissa could have been with us...not to worry, she did get a purse! And to those that are wondering how little Sammie did? Blake, Ray and Nate all said she was on "cruise control." Kept to her schedule and never had an episode. She did so well, it took her half the morning on Monday to warm up to me!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Blake's Birthday and Cinco de Mayo

Nate and Janie came in for the weekend to experience Houston. We went to the Astros vs Brewers game on Friday night. What a great game! On Friday nights they open the roof of Minute Maid Stadium and have fireworks. Everytime we go to a sports game, as we are leaving, we try to collect as many survenior cups as we can find.
We figured out that this year alone, we've been to 2 Texans games, Astros, Rockets and the Rodeo...add that to years past, and we've got a lot of cups!

Saturday was golfing and Waffle House, playing in the sprinklers and a late night of Rock Band. Curious who ended up as lead guitarist???
Sunday was Blake's 30th birthday! Ray cooked a Cinco de Mayo Birthday meal and we spent the afternoon whacking away at a pinata.
Sammy was up first...
Followed by many failed attempts...

And a few connected hits...

In the end, Ray wins for decapitating.