Sunday, May 30, 2010


I am really trying to garden. It's been a year, and I've already learned a lot. Many things have worked in our humble square foot garden, many did not. I've also planted an apple tree, a blackberry bush and a bunch of other plants and flowers. This year, was our first year for blackberries. I had very low expectations and I must say...they are great! Sam loves going out to pick the purple ones. I am planning on making freezer jam. Sam's only plans are 'smoothilies,' which in her language is smoothies.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Huntsville State Park

We had high hopes for a camping trip over Memorial Day Weekend. Our plans were crushed when the park told us there was a computer glitch, and our reservation was double, we were out. We decided to make it a day trip. We are very excited to camp here! We've scouted out where we want to be and what will fill our days...
Swimming and Sand Castles
Hiking and Picnicking
Blake is always on the lookout for the Best BBQ in Texas. He has found a top 10 list, so we made a stop at #5 - Mckenzie's BBQ in Huntsville. Not bad, but it was no Swinging Door.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sam's Dance Recital

It has been so fun to watch Samantha learn ballet and tap. She has so much energy and really is a good listener and quick learner! A dance recital at this age is really just a chance for all the parents to ooh and aah at there little girls in adorable costumes. It was great and worth every penny! Her first dance was part of a Cinderella performance. They had little wands they would 'tap' to the music. At the end of the dance, all the girls ran off the stage...except Sam, who stopped and did a little curtsy all by herself.The tap routine was to "Rock Around the Clock." The ending pose was with all the girls with their arms up...Sam knew this pose, but decided to go for one, all her own!All the moms got to be backstage in between performances to get the girls dressed and ready. It was a party!Most of the time...All lined up and ready to go! Hannah, Miriam, Reese, Sammie, Lauren, Niia, Katie and Danielle.Check out the size of that trophy! Sam has been talking about this for sure didn't disappoint!It was a proud day to be a parent.And grandparent!And Aunt!
Deesh Bub, you were truly missed!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

16 weeks and counting...

Not that it has been a secret, or that I can physically hide it any longer...we are expecting a baby! I just had my 16 week appointment and am now safely in my 2nd trimester. Bye-bye risk of miscarriage...or so we are hoping. :)

This pregnancy started off badly with complications that scared us. Seriously, have you ever heard of a small pregnancy sac? Well, that is what this baby was dealing with, which according to our fertility doctor was everything to be concerned about. After moping around for weeks and lots of praying, one day the doctor said, "huh! nevermind! everything looks good!"

Due date is October 30th and we find out if it is a boy or a girl on June 8th.