Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Astros vs Brewers

Ray's work treated us to great seats at the Astros Game last night.7th row on the field along the 3rd base line.Games are much more fun up close!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Growing up is Exhausting!

Now that Samantha sleeps in her big girl bed, she can't wait to wake up in the morning! As most of you know, Sam used to sleep from 9pm-9am everyday with a 3 hour nap from 2-5pm. Well. Times have changed, and we are adjusting. She now pops out of bed at 6:45am! This household does not wake up that early...there is just no reason. Blake is still home, so he gets Sam and hauls her into bed with me. No getting out of bed until the alarm rings at 7:30am. Except for books. And potty. And juice. Well, you see where this is heading...

If we're not out playing all afternoon, Sam is tired by about 1 o'clock. Today was no exception. She laid down to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with her pillow and blankie. When it was over I told her she could lay on the couch for 2 minutes before she had to lay in her big girl bed. Well, 2 minutes later, this is what I found. And, yes...that is a ponytail in her hair.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Baby Goats Arrive at the Property

We took a quick trip to the property before it gets too hot. The neighbors raise goats, and the season of the babies had arrived! They had 40 baby goats! We got to go meet them...Sammie had a great time until she realized there were baby kitties too.Blake got a new shotgun for his birthday. Boys and their guns. It was pretty funny to look out the window and see them laid out in the dirt shooting at dirt.They also had way too much fun on the 4wheeler in the rain.Ray created another fabulous meal...steaks cooked on lump charcoal.This is our attempt at taking a family photo. We had Dad's camera resting on top of the the wind. DUH! Not a good idea. Incomplete picture and a broken camera...what a bummer!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday - Cinco de Mayo Style

Blake's birthday falls on May 4th...and Cinco de Mayo is...well, duh May 5th. As long as I've known Blake, he has celebrated his birthday with a pinata full of his favorite candy. If only Blake liked Mexican food, we'd have a perfectly themed event. He requested seafood, so Ray cooked up Cioppino. Everyone got a swing at the pinata.Sammie and Dwama took a break because Sammie couldn't handle all the noise and abuse...but still enjoyed the candy.Happy Birthday Daddy!