Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bake Day

"Dis mornin" (as Sammie would say), was cold and rainy. Certainly not a day to venture out. So, Sammie and I declared it bake day. We pulled out a jar of Christmas cookies that someone gave us, last year (oops!). We discovered a new favorite was like eating a brownie, my favorite! Then, we dipped pretzels. Sam got a little distracted during this activity. She pulled out the Little People Nativity and spent the next hour playing. We made homemade macaroni & cheese and are snuggling up to watch The Santa Clause (Tim Allen) movie. Eventually we'll get dressed and brush our teeth...maybe.


Mary Beth said...

Sounds so fun! We should have taken you up on your offer and dropped in- instead we spent the entire day running errands and delivering teacher gifts in the cold and rain!

Ginger said...

Must have been nice for Mary and Joseph to fly in and out of Bethlehem. (just noticed the jet next to the stable)