Sunday, February 8, 2015

Houston Marathon 2015

At it again........ 

Back to the race which started me into marathon running last year (January 2014).  I had visions of running sub 3:30 that day, and ended running 3:43, as my legs fell apart at mile 22.  Then I ran a marathon at the end of an Ironman in a time of 5:30 (May 2014), which never felt good at any point (but man what a great, fun, rewarding day).  Then I ran another open marathon in St. George Utah and ran 3:58 (October 2014), as my legs fell apart at mile 18.

(pre race photo with COP/P66 guys..missing some too)
Then I decided instead of just wishing and having aspirations to run a sub 3:30 marathon, that I would actually train properly to do it (longer runs, earlier mornings), in order to not have my legs get shredded in the last 2-3 miles.  When the 4:00 AM alarm goes off on Friday mornings for my 15 mile long run days, sometimes I think - why?  Two things:  1)  Not wanting to ever feel that pain again of having your legs completely falling off, and being powerless to stop it, as everything seizes up and goes into complete lock down.  2) I actually love getting up in the early morning and running on the streets before the world wakes up, and being able to see the city come to life.

FINISH TIME 3 hours 29 minutes.
(ran very consistent 8 min/mi and did not fall off at the end, although had it been another mile, I would have been in some serous trouble)

Thanks for all the love and get out there and set some goals (happy hunting)!  Top of Utah and Honolulu marathons are coming up soon! :)