Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Introducing Bryce & Heather Newbold

The purpose of our trek to Utah was for Blake's oldest niece's wedding. She was a beautiful bride!They were married at the Mt Timpanogos Temple...in the snow. It was cold, but absolutely beautiful. It's a shame I didn't stick around long enough to take more pictures. Her colors were red and black. With the white temple, white dress, white snow...she had a touch of color with red umbrellas...what a great idea!We had a great time at the reception. When Sammie wasn't overwhelmed by the shear number of cousins... she buddied up and bullied Grant and Garrett.Yummy! Red velvet cake...Sam's favorite! There was lots and lots of dancing!We also got to meet the newest member of the Holiday Clan.
Blake William Holiday.
Wait a minute...we already have one of those!

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Jilynn said...

Jamie!!!!! It was so great to "catch up"! I love blogs! You guys look like you are doing great and Samantha is so cute! It's kind of wierd to see you cooking and being a "mom". We've come a long way huh!? Are you guys in Texas long term? Head on over to AZ some time!