Monday, August 27, 2012

1st Day of School

I'm not ashamed to admit the tears have been flowing for days.
 Starting school is so very bittersweet. Samantha had a great preschool experience with 2 years at home with me and her friends doing Joy School. Then, last year we put her in a Christian-based preschool. We really feel like the preschool helped ease her into the concept of going to school.
She is a very spunky, spirited, energetic 5 year old and ready for the challenge of Kindergarten.
We drove to the school and parked around the block. She was 10 steps ahead of us all morning. 
"Are you guys coming?!"
Blake took the day off to see her off to school...and console me and Alayna during the day.
The sunglasses hid a lot of silent tears.
Alayna couldn't keep it together...I feel you, little one!

Sam and Emilynn. Partners in matter what!
Getting off the bus. Her excitement could not be contained! We headed straight home to go through her backpack. She was thrilled that WE had homework...not her. She spent the rest of the afternoon pretending to be the teacher to the rest of us. We got lots of marks in our folder for talking.
Mary Beth, Sammie and Emi
Sweet reunion.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Crafting with Aunt Melissa

Blake was away this weekend for his yearly FFL Draft. We invited Aunt Melissa over for cookies and crafts.
Both Samantha and Melissa take their crafts seriously!

I always try to give an idea or concept, but our rule is: "you can do whatever you like as an artist." So, what began as a hot air balloon made out of buttons...turned into artistic freedom.

Friday, August 24, 2012

What We Did All Summer

The only downfall of taking a vacation in the late Spring, is that you have NOTHING to look forward to ALL SUMMER! We kept super busy and played most every day. We did get a bunch of really fun memories! Most of these pictures are from my phone or from a finger-printed point and shoot. You can tell when I actually pulled out the camera I don't know how to use yet. Even on auto setting, it is a better picture.
Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory
Miller Outdoor Theater - The Little Mermaid
Fourth of July Crafts
Galveston Beach over 4th of July
Pleasure Pier

Homemade Puff Paint
Pool Time with Buddies.
Naked Baby + Water Hose + Red Wagon = FUN
Our version of a backyard pool.
Trampoline with sprinklers and ice
Playdates with friends

Seven Meadows Swim Team

Galveston for the Day with Friends

Movie time during naps

Astros Game

 Manicure-Pedicure with Mom
Homemade Sidewalk Paint
Home Depot Workshop
"Ca-Ca" = Coloring
Pools with friends - at least once or twice a week
Our neighbor, Brittany (college-age) and her dogs
Pinot's Palette Painting Class
Swimming in the Rain
Houston Boat Tour on the Ship Channel

More pool time
 Cinemark $1 Movies
 Playing on the iTouch

and the iPhone

Movie Nights as a Family

  Ballet Registration
Katy Budget Books

Crafts and Lunch with Noelle

Playing with "Rapunzel hair "

Pretending (Shrek & Fiona)

Seven Lakes HS Dance Camp

Faith West Lake


Lunch with Blake at CononoPhillips
Adamson Ballet School