Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve & Day

Few holidays are complete without rolling out and frosting cookies. Aunt Melissa is always in charge of this activity and she comes up with all kinds of fun colors.

Blake put together a movie trivia game for everyone to play. Sammie loved it and had Grandma as her spelling helper.
Papa and his grand-daughters.
This picture accurately portrays these girls' personalities.
Papa and Grandma stealing ONE quiet moment with Peyton before Christmas Eve ended.
Santa Claus came to our house!
Dressup for Sammie
Princess Castle for Alayna
Activity mat for Peyton
I got a beautiful Pandora bracelet, Blake got triathlete gear and our family got an iPad.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Friday, December 21, 2012

Prima Ballerina

Samantha is continuing ballet as her extra-cirricular activity. At the end of this semester, they had a mini-performance to show off their skills.
  Sam is ALL business when she is dancing.
She doesn't quite understand the performance is FUN!
They also performed a Christmas song for the parents. I am begging her to smile at me!
Her BFF and neighbor Emilynn is in class with her. They have far too much fun together.

The Gingerbread Boy Ran Away....

 Samantha's Kindergarten Class had a fun holiday activity with the gingerbread boy. Her teacher, Ms Danchenka announced that he RAN AWAY!
She asked all the kids' family and friends to keep a look out and send a postcard from places that they had seen the gingerbread boy.
Whattya know...the Holidays came through for Sammie! No doubt they are all super-competitive...so for whatever reason this was viewed as a competition to see how many postcards each child could receive...huh?! Not that Sam's teacher kept track or even viewed this as a contest...but, IF she had...Sam would have whooped up on her classmates! 31 Postcards!
Everywhere from Wyoming, Idaho, Seattle, Disneyland, Grand Canyon, Arizona, Utah, Colorado...
 and as far off as Tokyo, Beijing, The Great Wall and Shanghai (thank you Uncle Kent!). 
So fun for...Blake...Sam enjoyed as well...but let's face it...this was all for the Holidays. 
The postcards were creative and fun. Thank you everyone!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Monday, December 10, 2012

iPhone Moments with Peyton

  Who knew what a great big sister Alayna would be?! She is so super sweet with Peyton. Any time we are stretching out on the floor, Alayna wants to lay down next to her.
 I think Peyton appreciates the love.
 Lots of kisses on the top of her head.
 1st trip to the Doctors
November 19, 2012
  2nd trip to the Doctors
November 20, 2012
 Hanging with the Sisters
November 21, 2012
 Outing to Michelle's new house Los Cucos
November 24, 2012
Inaugural trip to the Donut Shop
December 1, 2012

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Alayna and Peyton

Alayna claims Peyton as, "MY baby!"
She is super sweet with her and is always kissing her and laying with her. 

And to think I was so worried about her being jealous!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"Congratulations on your new Pumpkin!"

Such a fun idea...it just so happened it was Young Women's tonight...and this had Kim's name written all over it!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving in Vegas

 Blake's family got together in Las Vegas over Thanksgiving to visit Grandma Horst. Despite just having Peyton, Blake and Sam needed to go see siblings and cousins. The rest of us stayed behind to party with the original Proffit crew.
On Thanksgiving morning, everyone went to the Las Vegas Turkey Trot 5k and 1 mile funrun.  
At the end of the race, they called out winners of each division. A Holiday was named in nearly EVERY age group!
The day after, a countless number of cousins hit the Vegas Strip! 
I hear that started out in single-file line,
 went to the buddy system, and then abandoned all order and ran around crazy.
 Poor little Sammie was too small for the roller coaster, so instead went to the M&M Factory. 
 Breakfast at the infamous Paris Buffet. When they got there, the line was 1 1/2 hr to 2 hr wait. Somehow, Brian was able to completely skirt the line and get a room with tables for 35 people...sitting together. We never know how he is able to pull these perks off...but it is impressive enough to never leave his side.
A bubble bath even Alayna would be jealous of.
 Southwest Airlines was extra kind to Sammie on the flight home. She was able to pass out the snacks and got countless coloring pages.