Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Weekend Update

Blake and Michelle had Friday off last week, so we decided to continue our Texas college visits. We headed to Rice University on Friday afternoon. On the way there, we met up with Ray and ate lunch at Ruggles. It was a fun area of town, so we walked around for awhile. We stopped into a Learning Express so Sam could play with some toys. She found this dollhouse on a table and pulled herself up for some fun.
Rice University was in a great part of town - medical center, zoo, museums. Blake's main focus is visting the bookstore to buy a t-shirt. If it wasn't so unbearably hot, I would insist on spending more time walking around the campus. But, the day is short and we skipped Sam's nap, so on to the next stop - University of Houston. This is Ray's alma mater, so he got a t-shirt too.

Saturday we celebrated Ray's birthday with dinner and a fight. He took us to Bellaire for Vietnamese food - he orderd us Beef 7 Ways. It was yummy and fun to eat. Sam was only interested in playing with the highchair, not actually sitting in it. She can almost say, 'buckle.' Blake has decided that I need to stop encouraging this word...

We then headed to University of Houston to watch a Mixed Martial Arts fight. Ray never wants to be in any of my pictures, especially a group photo...but Michelle is always up for a pose!

If I had it my way, I would have gotten a picture of Ray in his shiny (and I literally mean, SHINY) new 'Affliction' shirt getting this guy to autograph it for him. That was the plan...but instead, I ended up with this...

and this...
Then, snuck in this one...

and then this...Oops. I've offically gone too far.
At least Blake is smiling enough for both of them


Laurie said...

Holy Crap!! I can't believe I found your blog. This is divine intervention since I never blog-jog anymore.

This is seriously so random - I was picking a winner for a giveaway I'm having over on and I clicked on this girls name and I recognized her daughter from somewhere. Then I noticed she has "Texas Friends" on there and one of them is a Knies. I clicked on that blog and found you.

That's divine intervention, girl.

How the heck are you? I miss Michelle so much and think of her often.

The Patton Family said...

Hey there Holiday's! It's been forever since we have been in touch! So you're living in Houston huh?? My sister has been living there for the past year, in Huffman. But they are about to move back up to Dallas.
I (melissa) am usually the one dong the blog, but Patrick was excited to hear from Blake the other day, so now we are going to stalk your blog like we do everyone else. :)

We haven't ever seen your little girl! She is so cute! Go check out our blog if you want, our kids are getting so grown up. We are loving it here in Vegas! Good to hear from you... Keep in touch!