Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Schwartz Family Reunion - Smokey Mt, ID

On a last minute whim, Samantha and I decided to join my Mom and Dad on the Schwartz Family Reunion. This is the 2nd time they've held it at Smokey Mountain, just outside of Sun Valley, ID. We were definitley camping and getting dirty! We flew into Salt Lake City late, late, late on Sunday night. The next morning, we rented a car and started our 6 hour drive to Idaho. Lucky for us, Sam likes to be in her carseat...AND...Grandma always comes prepared with a new toy! Today was a sticker-story book! I can't tell who was having more fun.My mom has 6 brothers and sisters who were all in attendance. With all their kids and their kids' kids...there were a bunch of people! I haven't seen these cousins in YEARS! I am one of the older cousins, so my memory of everyone is when they under 10 years old. Most cousins are now teenagers or married with kids! I mixed up a lot of names and faces!
We played lots of games and ate a ton of food, and even had a karaoke night! Alturus Lake was a few minutes away...but the water was really cold! Even Sam, who LOVES water, wasn't getting in!

Of the 70 people that were in and out during the reunion, only 4 of us were hikers. Me, dad, and my 2 cousins, Landon and Brandon....what a group we made! We went on a hike "around the lake." To our utter dismay, there was no trail that went all the way around. What a long and annoying hike! What started off as a pleasant hike, turned into going through the river, then nothing but swamps and eventually the road.
No day is complete without bath time...especially if you are camping! Smokey Mountain cabins are used for LDS girls camp....which means no showers....so we improvised with the kitchen sink!
Never too old to bathe in a sink!
Sammie made lots of new friends. Her favorite of all was Hannah. They liked to play outside the mess hall. Sam LOVED opening the door, over and over and over again. It would just bang shut right behind her. This video has Sammie saying Hannah, although I might have been too far away to really hear it.

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