Monday, July 21, 2008

A Day In Dallas

Blake, Sam and I are always up for a quick roadtrip to sites and cities around Texas. This past weekend, Ray had a work conference in Dallas, so we tagged along. We drove in late Friday night. Saturday while Ray was working, the rest of us headed downtown. First stop was the JFK assasination location. The shooter was in the top righthand corner window. On the street there are 2 'X's marking the spots where he was shot and then killed.
Downtown Dallas is great! On the weekends, there aren't very many people, so it was quiet and fun and didn't really feel like a downtown. We were trying to find something to eat, when we walked past this place...
A big guy came outside and highly recommended that we stop in and eat...'this place has great food and it's cheap!' We kept going to see the rest of the eating spots. A lot of places were closed, but we wandered into a few touristy shops and restaurants. We ended up coming back to this place only to find the same guy still in the cafe. We asked him what was good and he said, 'oh, I dunno...I always eat the same thing for breakfast.' Um...gee, thanks. Blake got a kick out of this place....what a dump! We had ham-egg-cheese sandwiches and they were excellent!

Next stop: Dallas Museum of Art. It was a long, hot walk...but well worth it! There is an outdoor sculpture park that has lots of trees and fountains, so we cooled off fast.
And played, and climbed through the sculptures. Ray misses out on all the fun!
Last stop was SMU campus. Blake is now on a mission to visit all Texas college campuses....well, at least the ones that we happen to be driving by. SMU is only minutes from downtown. The campus is beautiful! We all loved driving around the surrounding neighborhood and seeing the houses...they were amazing! We stopped into the bookstore so Blake could buy a t-shirt and Sam could read a quick book.
Then we picked up Ray and headed off to dinner. That night the girls went back to the hotel to watch a movie ('Made of Honor' - lame!), while Blake and Ray went to a sports bar to watch the fights. Great weekend! Next stop is Austin in August!

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