Friday, July 11, 2008

Houston Symphony Presents...

About a week ago, Ray called and asked if Blake and I would be at all interested in going to see the Houston Symphony. We were a little surprised by this at first. It is definitely up our alley...but Ray? He mentioned that he insists on decent seats that would throw us back $80/, we are in.

As the date got closer and we started to plan for the day, I noticed how excited Ray got when we talked about it. "Man, this is gonna be great," he would say with a gigantic grin. "And by the way, the 'pre-concert festival' starts at 5:30pm." That's odd, I've never heard of a pre-event for a symphony...and so the suspicions began.

Finally, on Wednesday, I decided to just look on the Houston Symphony website and see what all the fuss was about. At first glance, I saw that the symphony would be featuring music from Pink Floyd this weekend. Wow! That sounds pretty cool! But, wait...we have tickets for Thursday, not Friday...As I pull up the calendar to Thursday, July 10th everything begins to make since.
Ray, the gamer. I should have known.

By the way, for all the gamers and non-gamers out there...this show is A-MAZING!!!!! 165 musicians are on stage (including the chorus) with a full movie screen behind them. The symphony would play the score from the video game while we watched visual clips that matched the music (and lights) perfectly. Video games have come a long way with their graphics...this show highlighted the oldies and the new. And yes, they paid appropriate tribute to Super Mario Bros, complete with special performance by YouTube star Martin playing blindfolded.

Notice Blake is not in any of the pictures. He is sick. Really sick. At $80/person, we had to at least try to sell the ticket on the street. Ray knew just who the kind of person to look for...male, Asian, alone and preferrably dressed in a costume. Not 3 minutes later, we found him (minus the costume) and sold him out ticket for $40...yeah! When we went to take out seats, he was already there with his own gigantic grin. We were only 11 rows back, dead center. He couldn't stop saying thank you. He even took our picture with his own camera...look at the size of this thing!

Afterwards, we walked down the street to eat at Cabo Bar & Grill (known for their margaritas, not their food). We sat out on the patio and watched the fireworks from the Astros game. Good times and a great way to experience downtown Houston.

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