Monday, August 31, 2009

1st Day of Joy School

Samantha went to her first day of Joy School today! This first month she will be learning about the Joy of the Body with Ms Kim. We put together her backpack of supplies: crayons, scissors, glue, extra pair of undies (which she unfortunately needed) and show-and-tell. For show-and-tell, she picked out her newest ball. Blake brought it home from the airport and it lights up! She thinks it's pretty great. After breakfast, Sam made herself a sandwich and we packed her new lunch bag with all kinds of goodies that she didn't eat. Grandma bought Sammie a new dress for her first day of school. Sam picked out her bow and shoes to complete her outfit. A few pictures on the staircase (her favorite spot) and the front porch (my favorite spot) and away we went.The whole drive over, Sam kept asking if I was coming to. I said yes, I was going to drop her off and come back and get her after lunch. To this news she was very upset. "Mommie, I need you to stay or I just want to see LuLu's house and come right back home."Lauren (LuLu), Davey, Samantha, Avery Luckily, she changed her mind and wanted to stay, so I snuck out for a few hours to myself. Too bad that now involves working out...urg! Overall, Ms Kim said everything went very quickly and smoothly! Time to close the Joy School windows and say goodbye!I can't wait for my turn to teach so I can watch the kids in action! We came home, finished lunch and made cookies. Sam told me all about her day...well, at least the things she remembered.
Thanks Kim!


Ginger said...

Yea!!! Joy School!!!

Anonymous said...

Jamie- thank you for sharing your thoughts and trials with me on my blog. And I'm so sorry to hear about the things you have/are struggling with as well. You'll be in our prayers.