Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Crazy Things She Says & Does

Today Sam and I made a flannel board for Samantha's Joy School (that we are starting in just a couple weeks!) We also worked on Sam's bulletin board that hangs in her room. A couple of days ago it fell today we fixed it. Sam wanted to "rearrange" her art. She pulled everything off...threw most of it away and made piles in different rooms. While I was working, I realized I hadn't heard her in awhile. I went off looking for her. I found her in the bathroom, with the door shut...cutting her crafts. "I'm clipping! It's OK mama. It's OK! We can make more crafts at the library."Seriously, word for word, what she said. There were piles of clippings all over the house.This is a picture of her yesterday "during" her nap...which she never took...wonder why? Perhaps a few too many books? We visited Blake at work last Friday for lunch. We ate at the ConocoPhillips Cafeteria. As we are meeting all of Blake's co-workers...this is how Sam decided to greet everyone.With undies on her head. Classy gal!

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