Thursday, August 6, 2009

Copy Cat

Some days while we wait for Dad to get home, Sam will watch a Mickey Mouse episode and I will read my book. Sometimes I fall asleep. Sam has this reenactment down perfect!Blake has his big FFL Draft at the end of the month. He has been hard at work studying and building spreadsheets. Sam decided to give an extra look at his FFL magazines.Any good insights to making Daddy the champion?I usually pay the bills and organize the budget while Sam is napping...she must have seen me doing it once before.Notice the pen behind her ear?
She worked really hard getting it there.I clean the kitchen every night. She's never interested in helping...unless it's with Grandma and Pappa!
This girl LOVES celebrating birthdays! The day after Ray's birthday, she discovered these candles. She would "light" them (with a real, working lighter), sing and blow them out. Over and over and over!

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