Monday, August 3, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

This is Samantha sleeping.Ahh...I know. She's a sweetheart. Now, let's take a closer look.

Notice what she is holding...Four toys! Yep. Four.
2 bouncing balls (1 firmly gripped in her hand) 1 car, and a Transformers laser light beam (courtesy of Rice Krispies box). And yes, they ALL need to be touching her somehow. This is all night, every night. If she drops one, she wakes up. And yes, I come in and help her find them.

Notice who else is in bed...Two babies!
Certainly, she can't leave anyone out.

Now, notice where she is...Not her big girl bed.
So, where do you think I have room to lay? Certainly not where the babies are (Blake's side). I am on the far, far, top corner of the bed. On an angle, with an iddy, piddy, bit of pillow.

This is my morning, every morning. Samantha wakes up about 7am when Blake is leaving for work. She comes in our room with pillow, blankie, babies and toys and makes herself at home. She likes to lay cheek to cheek, which is how I eventually get pushed out of bed. Luckily, most days, she sleeps until about 8:30.

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