Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Craft Day

In addition to 4 HUGE loads of laundry, today was craft day. I have been working on this bulletin board for-e-ver! Amy and I went to buy the fabric and stuff weeks ago...but before we knew it, I went out of town and she had a baby! Crap, I'm on my own!

Nevermind! I'd like to introduce you to my new craft buddy! Surprise! It's Sam!

I think the bulletin board turned out really cute! It's hard to see, but the dots on the ribbons are cute little pink letters.
Now that we take a closer look...you can see my gigantic mistake... The problem? The frame I bought (a week ago) is 24" x 36" - and the actual bulletin board is 23" x 35"...how annoying and frustrating! Did I mention I had been to Hobby Lobby 3 different times to get the 24" x 36" cork board. I called ahead this last time and the gal assured me that "there are tons!" When I got there (an hour later) there were none. ARGGH! Instead, there were a bunch of 23" x 35" ones (and a damaged one for only $7.79)...I figured with the batting and fabric, I would be fine...nope! Perfectionists should NEVER do crafts! People like me (and Blake) just like to pay for things and whine about about crappy they are.


Anonymous said...

I think its darling!

Steve, Jillian, and our Little Girl said...

I love coming to your blog and reading about what you guys are up to. I also love going to the food section, you have such great ideas!!!! Thanks for the recipes. I hope you guys are all doing great!!

Marci said...

I think it's so cute Sam loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse already :-)!Ella only has school Tues and Thurs, so she'll probably have to crash the party too, but she loves the show and will be so excited :-)!
The bulletin board turned out really cute by the way!

Mary Beth said...

That turned out really cute! I still want to make one for Lydia and the boys too..you'll have to tell me how you did it exactly!

How are you guys doing, by the way?