Friday, August 22, 2008

Rain, Rain...Go Away!

Samantha and I have tried to get creative in our activities now that rain has decided to stay in Houston. It is so hard to keep a toddler content and contained...but I thought I'd give a few things a try...

Mama Mia Matinee!
A Perfect Mommie & Sammie date...or so I hoped. Armed with Chik-fil-a nuggets, gold fish, juice, cheese, her baby, bink and a booster...I thought we'd make it through the whole movie! After dancing through a few songs, Sam discovered the lights...then the stairs...then the hallway...(do you see where we are headed)....ahh yes...the door...
I forget, who is Sophie's dad?

Then, we tried...

Painting Ceramics @ Plasterhouse
Great idea...not a great attention span. $8 and 10 minutes later...we had a very tacky 1/2 painted "S". Nothing like a group of toddlers to keep a business alive...or completly destroy it....whichever.

Now, we're off to...

Michael's and Hobby Lobby
I've been working on a craft project for weeks now, and thought I'd see if Hobby Lobby had the bulletin board in stock yet...of course, NO! Sam wasn't too upset...she loves to wonder the aisles, pull off random stuff, then find a seat to organize it...workers just hate us everywhere we go!

If it just wasn't so hot outside...we could jump on the trampoline or go to the park or have a picnic.

I guess we should just stay at home, kick our feet up, eat some lunch all while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. we're talkin'.

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Amy said...

Sounds like you've had a fun week. You were brave to take her to the movies. You should have called--Lauren would've loved to play. Hopefully the rain will stay away for a few days.