Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Salt Lake City, UT

After our reunion in Idaho, we spent the weekend in Salt Lake City. My dad and his 3 brothers (and others) went on a hike to King's Peak in the Unitah Mountains. I had a small desire to go at the last minute, but once I found out my 2 girl cousins weren't going, I quickly changed my mind back to doing nothing. Always a good idea. My Grandma and Grandpa Jones, and my aunt Kim and her 4 kids were all staying at The Kimball with me, Sam, and my mom. The Kimball is a timeshare DIRECTLY across the street (east) of the conference center. It is the PERFECT location to hang out downtown Salt Lake City. Walking distance to everything!

We basically spent the weekend acting like tourists...you'd think we'd never have lived there! On Friday we walked around Temple Square and ate at the Lion House for lunch. There is an "I Am A Child of God" Exhibit at the Art Museum that was just for Sam. She really enjoyed being there. We got to play with blocks, organize stained glass and play on the chairs.During Sam's nap, I got to go see the Joseph Smith movie at the Legacy Theater. Amazing. For dinner we had Cafe Rio and played at the park.
On Saturday I woke up extra early to get into the first morning session at the LDS Temple. Wow. Then, we drove to our old house and neighborhood in Lehi. Not much has changed in less than a year. We all went to Thanksgiving Point for lunch and the Country Farm. Did I mention I broke my camera...AND... thought I had lost it at the petting zoo...so no pictures! It was so fun to see all the kids playing and feeding the animals! Sam loved the horses and cows and ducks and pigs and goats and baby chicks....umm...she loved everything. Grandma bought her a fun new toy as a souvenir! I do have a picture of that!
Sunday we walked over to the Tabernacle to watch, "Music & The Spoken Word." Then, for the first time ALL week, a miracle happened! SAM GOT IN HER STROLLER! Hallelujah! So the real tours began! First we went to the Visitor's Center to see Jesus with all the cousins. Then, we went to the Conference Center for the rooftop tour.
The hikers got back on Sunday night to brag of their adventures and visit before everyone parted their ways. Happy 90th birthday Grandpa!
Sam sure loves her cousin Lydia. If my camera hadn't broke, I would have gotten them on video. Lydia has the cutest, squeekiest voice you've ever heard.

This "vacation" has been the best and the worst all in one. We had a WHOLE WEEK without Blake. We sure missed him...but he might have missed us more...this was waiting for us when we got home.

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