Sunday, April 22, 2012

Magic Kingdom Day 1

This was technically a day not recommended for this park, but with Deesh and Melissa only here a few days, we had to do it today. It was fabulous! We had researched that April (after Easter) is a perfect time to come for crowds and warm weather. It's true! We were actually a bit chilly from time to time on the first few days...but by the end of the week, it was warm (not hot) all day.
Melissa made a special trip to Downtown Disney to find the perfect shirt and ears for our first official day at Disneyworld.
After carrying Alayna for about 3 hours the first morning, she finally crashed. We quickly learned her routine and my arms eventually got some relief!
Samantha had 2 favorite rides. The cars and Splash Mountain. We did each countless times. We got her to go on Space Mountain, but I'm pretty sure she was scared...despite doing it twice!
It is always appropriate to stop and dance! Especially with Deesh!
Samantha thought of questions to ask each princess. It allowed her a bunch of time just to chit-chat. She was mesmerized by princesses. Even Alayna warmed up to them.
Have I mentioned how much Alayna loves Mickey Mouse!
 We had just come from lunch at the Lady and the Tramp place, had fast passes to meet the princesses, and when we walked out the door, we sat our butts down on Main Street and watched the parade. Alayna loved it!
After a mid-day snack, we all needed a nap.
The Mickey Show at the Castle featuring princesses. This little princess was happy.
We did everything, multiple times this first day! Favorites were Mickey's Philharmonic 3D Show, Splash Mountain, Parade and Castle Show. We decided to save the electric parade and fireworks for another night.

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