Saturday, April 14, 2012

18 Months Old


Height: 33" - 70%
Weight: 23 lbs - 15%
Head: 18" - 5%
Attitude: off the charts
Despite all the constant babbling, we are yet to get words out of this girl. She is far from quiet...and she can say all versions of mom, mama and dad at impressive decibels. Dr Young says to give her until 20 months to get 5-10 words. If not by then, we should have a specialist observe her. Blake and I are confident she will spat out entire sentences any day now.
Alayna loves to play puppies and wrestle with Samantha. She will do just about anything that Sam does.

 She loves to climb on all things and play all day.We are finally up to about an hour nap a day, and a blissful 12 hours at night.
 We have a healthy love-hate relationship. I am pretty sure there are times we don't like each other at all. But then, there are the sweetest moments that make all the bad completely disappear.

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