Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hippity, Hoppity, Easter's On It's Way!

Our Easter Baskets were full of Church books, HOP the movie, a family-photo puzzle and tons of candy.
Sam got a leather-bound journal in her basket this year. We had stopped at the bookstore in San Antonio the day before, and she wanted it SO bad! That easter bunny is so wise! She writes in it everyday and carries it everywhere.
Egg dying with Dad.Cookie Decorating with Aunt Mel
We had a feeling Alayna would love the easter baskets and grass. Kudos to us for not putting them out until the day before. Sometimes, we have these genius moments.
Daddy and Sammie.
Alayna looking sweet and eating candy.
This may be the first and only year for confetti eggs. I am still finding that stuff everywhere!
Egg hunt inside.Egg hunt outside.
Does the fun ever end?
Sweet little Alayna. She loved finding the eggs and filling her basket.
After church we had everyone over for dinner and an Easter Trivia Game. I should've pulled the camera out...but got lazy. Brian & Diana, Jennifer-Danny-Declan, Jamie & Caroline, Grandma & Papa, Deesh & Melissa.


Jackie Pickett said...

Your pictures are's like I am right there myself. Easter is celebrated here in fact it is a big deal...but people do not give Easter baskets to children nor do they have Easter egg hunts.

We had all 8 of our missionaries from our branch over and I did give them bags with Easter goodies...small but fun to share.

Thanks for inviting Jamie and Caroline also for your family gathering!

srichards said...

My favorite Easter event was watching Alayna try to take off her dress and undo her hair during sacrament. When you want them at their cutest, they are determined to not be. Love that cute girl!