Monday, December 8, 2008

Random Activities

Our laptop died a couple of weeks ago, and getting back up to speed with downloading pictures takes a while. We are always up to something fun, so here are a bunch of things we've been doing the past couple of months.

2 Year Old Playgroup
Every week we get together with about 10 other toddlers. Sam just loves playing with her friends. Here she is with Lauren and Avery.Rice Krispie Treats
My freshman year at BYU, I lived in the dorms and ate at the cafeteria. Every meal I would take a couple rice krispie treats and keep a collection in my know, brain food. Today, Sam helped me recreate the memories. She would put a teaspoon of rice krispies in at a time...rotating between her mouth and the pot. We put in Christmas M&Ms...she picked everyone of them out!
Shaving with Dad
Titmouse Club
A local nature preserve has a weekly toddler educational hour. We went and learned about American Indians. We got to walk around and enjoy nature. Afterwards, Sam made an Indian Rain Stick.
Taking Time to Smell the Flowers

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Marci said...

Where is the nature reserve that does the toddler time? I'm very interested in that!