Monday, December 8, 2008

Princess Party

Mary-Beth & Emilynn's Princess Party!
Sammie was invited to a princess birthday party by our neighbors. Tinkerbell Wings
She is WAY into Tinkerbell right now, so we dressed her up in wings. She had a wand, a tiara and princess shoes (thanks Avery for letting us borrow the dress-up).
Duck - Duck - Goose!
Sammie & Emi were always up and chasing everyone around...whether it was their turn or not!
Decorated Princess Crowns
Sam insisted on putting her crown on all by herself.
Toddler Time
While the big girls learned a dance, the little girls traded crowns & played their own version of basketball/chase/keep-away. Pizza & Princess Cake
The party was at Lifetime Fitness.
People Watching at the Gym
Sammie & Emi were caught intently watching a guy doing squats. They just couldn't stop staring!Happy Birthday Mary-Beth & Emilynn!
Sam a got a great party favor-bag with a wand, makeup and a book. Thanks for inviting us!

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