Monday, December 22, 2008

More Christmas Fun

Gingerbread Houses
We went to Randall's to build & decorate Sam's gingerbread house. As you can imagine, Sam did more eating than decorating.

"My Turn!"In the words of Sammie, "mmm-nummy!"
Walk to Bethlehem
Grace Christian Church hosts a live nativity and guided "walk" to Bethlehem. Sam loved the goats and the singing angels.

Joy to the World
Last minute shopping at Katy Mills Mall should always include a quick merry-go-round ride!
Light Sight-Seeing at Pecan Grove
If you haven't been, you need to go...Richmond, TX

Santa Story-time
La Centerra's Christmas story-time with Santa Claus. Sam really warmed up to Santa this year...I think it only took her 2 sitings to not be scared.She doesn't freak out being on Santa's lap, but I wouldn't say she enjoys it either. She is just there. No eye contact. No talking. Just. There.

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