Thursday, May 17, 2012

Last Day of Treasure Cove

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Treasure Cove Preschool. Samantha had a great experience here and I know she learned a ton. I cannot wait for Alayna to be so big and go some day.
Sammie and I put together treats and gift cards for all her teachers and staff that make each day special.
Ms Patty - Her teacher focused on learning and education.
Ms Sandy - Her teacher focused on stories and fun.
Ms Jay Jay - Music and Movement
Ms Jennifer - Director, greets us every morning!
Ms Connie - Assistant Director, always hugging and loving the kids.
Ms Achie - Staff/Photographer that keeps the website full of pictures and videos.

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mlletiff said...

My gosh Jaime, your girls are so, so darling! I wish you lived closer so we could get our kids together to play. Tell your girls to grow up and wait for my boys. I have three they can choose from! I am trying to put together another girls weekend, and I will let you know what I come up with so that you would be able to join us. I hope things are going well! Talk to you soon.