Sunday, May 27, 2012

Camping over Memorial Day

We took a last minute trip to Stephen F Austin State Park to camp our way into Memorial Day. Thanks to Grandma and Papa for planning, shopping and preparing the entire night. We basically just showed up with our tent, the camera and a bag of Swedish Fish. 
Melissa came with Izzie and gave Papa's single man tent a trial run.
We all went on a hike through a nature trail. Alayna was in posing mood, and every few steps would stop, walk into the bushes, turn around and smile. It was completely on her own and hilarious!
Sammie was on a flower hunt so we could have a bouquet at our picnic table.
The girls (Izzie included) had the most fun playing in the tent.
And just being sisters!

Melissa was in charge of music and for whatever reason, we heard a lot of Toby Keith's "Red Solo Cup." These boys had to see if we had the right cups...
The burn ban was lifted and we were able to do hot dogs and s'mores over a real campfire!

This park is great because of all the grass and shade. We played all morning and stayed through lunch to finish off all the hot dogs, broccoli salad and watermelon. 
I have borrowed a book on how to take pictures. This entire trip is in manual mode. There was a huge spider web in the middle of nowhere that I spent a good 10 minutes trying to capture. For whatever reason, it looks way better on my computer when it's bigger...this one I feel like you can't even see it! I have so much to learn.

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