Sunday, May 13, 2012

I Got WHAT for Mother's Day?!

 While Blake and Papa slaved away cooking dinner (Cajun stuffed chicken)... 
the ladies lounged outside playing with Izzie.
As you can imagine, Samantha just couldn't get enough of this puppy.

Her world revolves around rainbows and dogs.
She was in heaven.
 Alayna got to take her for a walk.
 Now, you might be wondering, or even shocked that there is a dog in our family...truth be told, Izzie  is not ours. Deesh and Melissa took her in as a sick puppy and have been nursing her to health the last couple of weeks. Why would we need a dog, when these crazies are so good with their imagination?! 
If anyone is looking for a dog, Izzie is currently looking for a home!

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