Sunday, March 25, 2012

Texas Bluebonnets

Columbus, Texas
(about 40 minutes west of Katy)Don't be fooled by these great pictures.What started out as a beautiful Sunday drive...turned into a very loud and very cranky afternoon. Getting lost for an hour and refusing to jump fences into the most perfect bluebonnet field ever, makes Jamie a grumpy-bum.Alayna seems to always follow my mood.It's shocking that we ended up with happy faces at all. There is something about wildflowers that can brighten anyone's day.Between the headband, her gum-chewing and all that sass...I still manage to get sweet moments like this one.
She is simply a happy girl that loves rainbows and flowers. Seriously, at 5 years old or 55...who doesn't?These are the treasures you find over the fence line!
This is when Sammie had had enough with me.She stomped off to join the others that were sick of me too.Look, what they were missing!I want to go back. Tomorrow. With a perfectly happy, rule-breaking family. I'd get nowhere without Papa as my sidekick.

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Kate said...

Beautful pictures! I would go take them of my 4 kids but there would be no one to keep them all happy while I snap away with the camera.