Monday, March 19, 2012

Fun Besides Food

Hermann Park was beyond crowded. We completely lucked out getting a "parking spot." No one seemed to care that half the car was on the curb. The kids got on the paddle boats.
Alayna choose to swim with the ducks. She can say, "Quack, Quack!"
We went running most mornings on the 3 1/2 mile lake run.
Near the end is a work-out park. Gail challenged us to the 90 second plank. Dawna came close.Sammie went nearly 5 minutes! Great form!
Pullups with Alayna.
Crunches with Sammie.
Pushups with Drew.The boys went to a shooting course near George Bush Park. Games & NCAA Tournament Brackets. Reminds us of our days in Provo, when we would stay up until 4am playing Settlers of Catan or watching episodes of 24...during the week...with jobs to go to the next day!
Come Back Soon!

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