Saturday, March 17, 2012

St Patrick's Day

Samantha has been on a rainbow kick for since before her birthday in October. She can't pick just one color...she wants the whole rainbow. Anything she colors is in a rainbow design. And, all her drawings are rainbows. It's pretty cute. I bought rainbow glitter paint from the grocery store, and she thought I was the best mom ever. It's amazing what $4 can do for my self esteem.Even Alayna tried her hand at painting.The leprechaun snuck into our house. Everyone had stickers all over their faces...including Alayna! He left his footprints everywhere! Sammie followed his path. That silly leprechaun turned all the milk & OJ green! He even rearranged a few things.At the end of a rainbow...was a special treat. Happy St Patrick's Day!

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