Monday, August 9, 2010

Making Her Presence Known

From the very beginning this little one has been fighting to make sure anyone and everyone is paying attention to her. She has found that the best way to achieve attention is through causing complications...of which, she is good at! :)

A quick review and update:
6-10 weeks - small pregnancy sac - less than a 10% survival
(caught up to baby's size after 4 weeks of ultrasounds)19 weeks - low lying placenta, potential placenta-previa
(cleared 6 weeks later)26 weeks - low amniotic fluid and a cleft lip deformity
(referred to high-risk OBGYN)Today, we had a high-resolution/3D ultrasound with our new doctor. Our fluid level was a 12. The last check was 9.6 and low is anything 8 and below. And, our doctor found no sign of a cleft lip or palate.The placenta and umbilical cord are right near her face which is why the doctor believes it was suspected. The 3D ultrasound was great! We got to see her suck her thumb, yawn and cover her face with her hands...which made the doctor a bit frustrated since he never got a clear view of her left side. At only 28 weeks along, we have had a very emotional pregnancy. Our next appointment will be in 2 weeks to check on the baby's growth. She is measuring 10 days smaller than our due date of October 30th. The doctor is "not concerned, just aware."

Stay tuned for the final 12 weeks!


Marci said...

Man, it has been stressful so far! I'm glad she just keeps playing tricks on you and everything continues to be resolved!

Amy said...

The 3D ultra-sound is amazing. We can't wait to meet the little one!