Monday, July 5, 2010

Galveston Island & Kemah Boardwalk

Happy 4th of July from Galveston Island!!!
We've discovered another great way to enjoy the unbearably crowded traditions during the holidays. The key is to avoid getting stuck in traffic with the rest of the world. Fireworks always seem to be a nightmare to get in and out of. This year, we made last minute plans to stay on Galveston Beach at the Hilton to watch fireworks. It was right on the seawall! Blake found a great restaurant off the beaten path, Shrimp 'n Stuff, so we ate and then headed to the beach.
We set up our chairs and Sammie & Papa hit the water! As many already know, Sammie is fearless when it comes to anything...the ocean is no exception. They jumped waves and gulped sea water until it was too dark to see. We built sandcastles, dug holes and fed the seagulls our leftovers from dinner. The weather was perfect!The fireworks were shot off from a pier a few blocks down. We were just far enough away to have a great view and not be deafened by the ear plugs needed! And, all it took was a quick walk across the street to get to our home-sweet-home. Of course, add in time to stop and pet every dog and buy every overpriced trinket.We spent the next morning lounging by the pool. Sammie had a luxurious shower and ordered us around as a queen with her new septor in her bathrobe. Life of leisure for that girl.Then we headed to Kemah Boardwalk. It was H O T, but fun! Blake and Sammie got all day passes to all the rides. We certainly got our money's worth on this ride alone. Seriously, could not get this girl off of it! Or, this one...notice the loot in the backseat. Blake is a sure win at shooting basketballs!Blake used his all day pass for the big rides! He even talked Papa into a few of them. In the future, Papa will not be included in the big-boy rides...he is done, done, done.We survived the day...barely...if it weren't for the double chocolate-chip shakes at Starbucks and our stop for lunch at the Cadillac Grill, we wouldn't have made it through that hot of a think, it was supposed to rain! Ha!

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My Goodness! We could take a few tips from you guys on how to PAR-TAY!!!