Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"that boy that is visiting us..."

Blake's nephew Robbie came to visit us...fresh off his New Jersey Mission! He was our first visitor when we first moved into our new house back in January 2008. He was busy hanging pictures, moving furniture and building different projects. This visit was no different...I had him and Blake rearrange the bedrooms to put Sammie and the nursery upstairs, convert Sam's bed back to a crib and rehang a bunch of pictures. Sam absolutely fell in love with him! Every morning she would wake up and ask, "mom, where is that boy that is visiting us?" They were buddies, whether he liked it or not. But, for as much as she enjoyed him, she could never remember his name...maybe that was her way of flirting. Blake took him to a few golf courses and we made it to an Astros vs Braves game.
Tickets for 4 people = $4
Parking = $4
Food for 4 people = $40
Hardly makes sense, but it adds up to a pretty good deal!

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