Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sam's Friend Party

Today was Samantha's actual birthday. We celebrated with a bunch of her friends. Beckam, Heather, Lauren, Sammie, Avery, Lydia, Jeffrey and Davey. Lunch, decorating cup cakes, opening presents and playing! Present-opening helpers, Heather and Avery.2 bouncing baby boys, Charlie and Truman!3 generations of Proffit girls.
Thanks for helping with the party Grandma and Aunt Melissa!


Jasmin said...

You weren't supposed to publish that photo of Charlie playing with a baby doll! Hehe jk I love it. Can't wait to show Dave :) I love that shot of you & Sam with your mom. It's soooo cute! Thanks again for the fun!

Ginger said...

Happy Birthday Samantha!!!! Looks like you have some awesome new stuff to play with now that you are 3! Can't wait to see you...

Love from, Aunt Ginger, Uncle Kent, Kimberly, Jessica, Sydney, Kenna and Brooke