Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Sammie!

The one stipulation with Nate and Brittany coming into town, was that we needed to celebrate Samantha's birthday early. No problem! We had fajitas for dinner and a red velvet cake (Sam's only request).

Although we could have easily gotten away with only doing a red cake with candles to blow out...we still went overboard with presents. Sam got her very own kitchen and table & chairs. She also got play food that cuts, pots & pans and a tea set.
Everyone was invited to her very first tea party!
New "running shoes" from Nate & Brittany. Hooray!
Snow globes from Alaska and a HUGE light-up ball from Ray & Deesh!
Grandma & Pappa gave her a ton of new clothes, a ballerina tutu, flower headband and dress up shoes.

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