Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

For Monday night Family Home Evening, we visited a pumpkin patch. Unfortunately, we got there late and it was dark and closed!So, we went back for a second visit on Saturday. It felt like we were there for hours. Sam walked up & down and in & out of the pumpkins (not the aisles meant for customers). She spent meticulous attention and time gathering and stacking the little pumpkins on the bench.It had to be just right for her photo-op. We had so much fun with Deesh...and other special friends.We will be back for a third visit before Halloween arrives.


Taryn and the boys said...

i want to know where your pumpkin patch is??

Linsey Stuckey said...

Sam's hair is getting so long! It's beautiful! Yeah, let us know where the pumpkin patch is at! We'd love to go! (LINSEY)