Saturday, June 20, 2009

South Padre Island

South Padre Island, TX
Just a quick 6 hour drive and the water clears up and the sand lightens. We had a great time with family. Luckily, we were not here during the Spring Break!Sand Castles
We set up a canopy right on the beach and spent 3 full days playing. Well, Sam played. The rest of us just sat and read.
Everyone but Blake took turns building sand castles, feeding seagulls and splashing in the water. Whatever we built, Sam would destroy. Crash! Deep Sea Fishing
We learned from going to Costa Rica, that going fishing the first day is best...that way, we have something to cook for the rest of the week. Dad, Blake and Ray went fishing for Red Snapper.
Unfortunatley, Ray did not enjoy the all. Fortunately, he survived and cooked up all the fish for us. Too bad there was a 2 fish per person limit.
Feeding the Seagulls
Another favorite activity was feeding the seagulls any food Samantha could get her hands on.
I can't imagine why the condo had signs up saying,
"don't feed the seagulls."
It's just so fun!
Grandma & Pappa bought Sammie a few new toys for the trip: boogie board, kite and a tennis racket.
Sam has quite a swing! She practiced all day, every day.

Bombs Away!
This is our attempt at launching water balloons and Sam, Grandma and Pappa while they played tennis.


Not quite sure what the proper term for this activity is......but it held Pappa and Sammie's attention for a couple of hours.
First, you find a hole in the sand. Then, you put the sand sucker thingy over the hole and suck out the sand.
Hopefully, you find the shrimp that was buried in the sand. Hey, Sammie! You wanna touch it!? "I don't want to!"After collecting about 50, it was time to feed the seagulls once more.
"Melissa, do you like Little People?"
Samantha would wake up every morning asking for a popsicle and Little People (DVD). I think she ate about 5 popsicles a day and watched Little People the entire week...over and over and over. And in the car on the way home....for 6 hours. No wonder Melissa couldn't stand hearing the song.

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