Thursday, June 4, 2009

Park City Cabin

It's amazing that many people can fit comfortably in one full house there were 6 adults and 16 children. Thanks Ginger (and Kent) for letting us stay! Gail and Andy were staying in Westgate at the Canyons, so we had access to swimming anytime the kids felt the need...which you can imagine was often.

I took Sam and Kenna on a nature hike. We basically walked down the dirt road and cut over to the lake. Those 2 could have thrown rocks in the water all day if I would've let them.We grilled steaks and built a fire...Sammie's first smore!
The kids played a lot of games and I got some time to read. The book I was reading is a children's book that is read in schools (The Giver by Lois Lowry). I had great book club chats with my pre-teen nieces Dawna and Jessica. Without them I would never had know it was the 1st in a series!
It was near impossible getting in and out of the cabin, but well worth the life-threatening drive! They were digging up the roads for new water lines...of the 3 routes, this was the only option. "You want us to go under that!" Add tons of rain and you've got a cabin full of scared women and a boat-load of kids...not a great combo.

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