Saturday, June 13, 2009

The last 3 days...

Blake gave us quite a scare this week.

He had a mild fever on Tuesday and Wednesday. We have plans to go to South Padre Island this weekend, so on Thursday morning I took him into Katy Urgent Care just to make sure he was ok before finishing up his work week and going out of town.

We thought he would be in and out and on to work.

We thought wrong.

Blake also had a cough with chest pains. They took a chest x-ray and must have seen something they didn't like. He was sent straight to the ER with a fever of 102.

The ER! We were freaked out of our minds!

Blake went into the ER and they ran a few quick tests and had us wait about an hour. Then they called him back in. Sam and I sat in the waiting room for another 2 hours...not hearing a thing! I called my mom to pick up Sam and I marched back into the ER trying to find Blake. I found him in an isolation room hooked up to a lot of wires. He was alone and looked scared. The doctor came in saying a bunch of inconclusive, scary stuff and explained all the tests he needed to order. Blake's blood culture was positive, his white blood cell count was high and his fever was 103. The doctor said Blake would need to be admitted to the hospital overnight.

Admitted! Overnight!

By then, we were really, really scared. We called family and friends to pray along with us that Blake would be ok, and that this moment wouldn't become our worst nightmare.

Luckily, it wasn't.

Blake had an EKG, an Echocardiogram and numerous blood tests trying to rule out pericarditis and/or other heart related inflammations. After seeing a total of 4 different doctors...their final guess at a diagnosis was upper respiratory infection. He received 3 rounds of heavy-duty antibiotics and stayed 2 nights in the hospital.

Blake is now home and resting and feeling much, much better. He has a $400 prescription of more antibiotics and should be able to rest comfortably on the beach of South Padre Island.

As for the rest of the family...

Sam also has had a mild fever all week, so on Friday I took her in to her pediatrician. She has a mild case of bronchitis. It doesn't seem to be slowing her down, but she is also taking antibiotics.

And me? I have 2 new gray hairs. Go figure.


Marci said...

That is really scary! I'm glad he's ok! Have fun on your trip!

Steve, Jillian, and Addison said...

We are so relieved to hear that everyone is doing better! We were really worried too! Way to be strong Jamie! I would have gray hairs too! Have fun on your vacation!

Anonymous said...

Tell Blake to lay off the gummies and Mtn. Dew!

Nate K

Ethan said...

We were all concerned for your family and are very glad that everything turned out to be OK! Don't miss a day of those Antibiotics!

Jamie just go and buy a bottle of Nice and Easy for the hair, it works wonders!

Love all of of you!


Jen and Bryan said...

so, no vaca to south padre then? bummer. I hope he's feelnig better. That sucks. :(

Kristin said...

Oh man... Alyssa and I are firm believers in NOT going to the Katy Memorial Hermann ER... let me know which one you went to, I'll stay clear of that one too!

I'm so glad he's feeling better! Hope Sam gets better soon as well!