Monday, October 8, 2012

Sammie's Friend Party

October 8th this year was also Columbus Day, and so a school holiday. Sam invited all her friends to come over for lunch, craft and cake. It was a beautiful day and the girls had lots of fun!
 Sam was most looking forward to 'being the boss of her party.' She told everyone for weeks that they had to do what she said. Fun, right? Luckily, she is a great leader and the party went smoothly and to her satisfaction. We started off by painting rainbows. 
Lunch was hot dogs, cheetos and grapes.
 We went through 4 boxes of CapriSun...pretty sure Alayna had a whole box to herself.
 Opening presents. 
Painting nails.
Freeze Tag
And lots of jumping on the trampoline! 
There were balloons everywhere, and for whatever reason, all little girls hate the sound of popping balloons.
They quickly turned that into a game and before we knew it, all the balloons were gone!
Cake and ice cream.
 Sweet little Alayna had no buddies over, but she enjoyed every moment of the party.
A big thank you to my parents! Even Blake got to sneak away from work to join us.
 Emilynn stayed to play until dinner time. The trampoline boxes were a hit!

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