Sunday, October 21, 2012

IRONMAN - in training

Blake's half Ironman in Austin, TX is this weekend on October 28th!
1.2 mile swim
56 mile bike
13.1 mile run
I blame myself entirely for his current exercise fascination. He started running back in May of 2011 when we went to California to visit his brother Nate and family. I was working on losing baby weight and talked him into going running with me on a little jogging trail.  If anyone knows a Holiday, then you know how very determined and stubborn they can be once they put their mind to something - and Blake hasn't stopped exercising ever since. Blake started waking up early to go work out at the ConocoPhillips gym (and beat the morning traffic). They have a great facility...and a pool. He began rotating running and swimming days. So, why not add in biking!

His training is very du-able and doesn't take up much family time. Luckily, he is a morning person! Monday - Friday he is up and out the door by 5am to get to the gym at work (treadmill, swimming or stationary bike). Saturday is his 50+ mile bike ride that he then follows up with a long run. Sunday is his rest day.

I may never get a real picture of Blake in all his gear and glory (especially the swim wear). Luckily, he has sneaky riding buddies that have snapped a few shots for me. We live out in the southwest side of Houston. Just a few miles west of us is good ole Texas country in the cities of Fulshear and Simonton. Blake has driven me on their is beautiful!
Sam, Alayna, and I got a few pictures on Saturday as he came home from one of his rides.  Sam thought it was pretty cool to ride bikes with dad.
Many thanks to Blake's new BFF, Ryan (one of my BFFs hubbies). Ryan has done 2 half Ironmans and is Blake's unofficial coach. He sold Blake his hardly-used bike and helped him spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars in gear....umm...thanks.

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