Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"Part of your World!!"

Alayna is obsessed with all things "a-waa" = Ariel. She sleeps with a stuffed Ariel and is constantly singing songs from the Little Mermaid. The funny part is, she hasn't really ever sat and watched the movie with the sound on. It was in the car for a few weeks, but Alayna doesn't get to hear the sound. She learned the song from hearing Sammie sing it. I have tried many times to get it on video. This is taken while it may or may not actually have Alayna in the shot. 
  Alayna has gotten a bunch of words down, but her babbling is still super fun to listen to. She understands us and we (surprisingly) understand her...most of the time. She loves to play on my phone and could go all day if I let her.
It's ridiculous that a one-year old knows how to work this thing.
 As much as I hate to depend on electronics, it will sure come in handy when the baby comes.

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