Monday, August 20, 2012

Ms Danchenka

 I can't believe Sammie is going into Kindergarten! This summer has been bittersweet...I just can't get enough time with these girls. I had all kinds of camps and things planned for Sam, but ended up cancelling most of them, just so we could all be together. She has grown up so fast and is ready for this next adventure. Alayna and I will be sad, but fortunately will have a new baby to keep us company.
There are 18 other kiddos in her class, including our neighbor and BFF, Emilynn. Despite her mom and I requesting that this NOT happen, it still did. They were meant to be buddies, but the school has been warned. They bicker like sisters and could talk & pretend the entire day away.
We did lots of exploring in her new classroom.
Treasures from her teacher.
Nothing like a new folder to get Sammie excited!
The kids got whisked away for a tour of the school while the parents had an orientation with the teacher. I got to sign up for some volunteer/classroom help and hear all about a day in the life of a Kindergartener.
Sam skipped away as happy as can be! First day of school is right around the corner!


Tricia said...

Amberly had Ms. Danchenka and absolutely loved her!! She will have a fabulous year with her!

Jackie Pickett said...

I love new beginnings and especially the first days of school...they are filled with a lot of emotion...for the families and the teacher....but all good!

I can tell she will do great...and you will too!
Happy next Monday!