Friday, December 21, 2012

The Gingerbread Boy Ran Away....

 Samantha's Kindergarten Class had a fun holiday activity with the gingerbread boy. Her teacher, Ms Danchenka announced that he RAN AWAY!
She asked all the kids' family and friends to keep a look out and send a postcard from places that they had seen the gingerbread boy.
Whattya know...the Holidays came through for Sammie! No doubt they are all for whatever reason this was viewed as a competition to see how many postcards each child could receive...huh?! Not that Sam's teacher kept track or even viewed this as a contest...but, IF she had...Sam would have whooped up on her classmates! 31 Postcards!
Everywhere from Wyoming, Idaho, Seattle, Disneyland, Grand Canyon, Arizona, Utah, Colorado...
 and as far off as Tokyo, Beijing, The Great Wall and Shanghai (thank you Uncle Kent!). 
So fun for...Blake...Sam enjoyed as well...but let's face it...this was all for the Holidays. 
The postcards were creative and fun. Thank you everyone!

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